I called this one ‘Doodle Thing’ because I really don’t know what else to name it. It doesn’t have any defining features – buds, maybe? Circles? Eh. I should start giving my doodles weird nebulous names like ‘Aether in dusklight’ or ‘Cassiopeia Rising’. :p

Anyway, here it is. I’m not hugely thrilled with it (a bit wobbly and I don’t really like the shapes), but it’s done now. You can download the full size file here if you want to colour it.


In other news, I’ve also done these two little things lately. The first is with a blue ‘Shachihata ArtLine Fineliner 0.4’ that I picked up at a book store one day when I wanted a pen quickly for writing something. The ink bleeds slightly which makes the lines a tiny bit fuzzy;

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And this one is with a Staedtler TriPlus fineliner in dark brown;

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They’re pretty small; just practicing lines and stuff. 🙂