About & Licencing

About & Licencing


Hi! I’m Del, a Welsh girl living in South Africa. I have many creative hobbies, but on this site you’ll find my doodles. I create hand-drawn line art, most of which is available for free (for personal use) download for anyone to print and colour from my Deviant Art gallery.


My free download pages are provided under an Attribution Non-Commercial licence. You can download them and use for your own personal non-commercial purposes, and if you’re sharing my work (for example on your Facebook feed or in a colouring group), you must attribute me (a link back to my website here is fine).

Most of my licensing is covered by Art Licensing and you can find my profile at http://www.artlicensing.com/content/delyth-angharad . If you’d like to contact me about licencing something that’s not listed there, you can email me at [email protected] .


You can find me scattered around the interwebs at these locations:

Art Facebook – Del’s Doodles
Personal Facebook – Delyth Angharad
Twitter – @WelshPixie
Instagram – @WelshPixie
YouTube – PelshWixie
Redbubble – http://www.redbubble.com/people/welshpixie
Etsy – The Crochety Pixie
Lulu – lulu.com/spotlight/welshpixie


Some people have asked how they can support me without having to sign up to another service like Patreon. If you’d like to be able to conveniently send me some pocket money every month, you can ‘subscribe’ via Pay-Pal –