‘Krita Mandala 36’ ?>

‘Krita Mandala 36’

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my website – hello new subscribers! <3 Here’s today’s free colouring page download; (Click the image to open it on Deviant Art, look for the ‘Download’ link on the right-hand side, and when the large image opens, right-click and save.) I’ve made a few small changes to my site. The ‘free mandala colouring pages’ tab now links directly to my colouring page gallery on Deviant Art which contains ALL of my free…

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LoveCrafts Knitting/Crochet Colouring Pages ?>

LoveCrafts Knitting/Crochet Colouring Pages

I’ve been on pins to share this ever since I was first approached for the project – and finally it’s live so I can tell you all about it! I’ve drawn some Knitting/Crochet/Yarn-themed colouring pages exclusively for LoveCrafts to share and they’ve assembled them into a little free digital download print-ready PDF on their website. Go see! http://blog.loveknitting.com/mindfulness-and-crafting/

Two New Mandalas ?>

Two New Mandalas

Hi folks! Hope everyone’s had a lovely holiday and is raring to go for 2016! It’s summertime here in South Africa and we’ve been having a heat wave for the past week or two. Today’s the first cool day we’ve had in a while. The heat saps my energy so I haven’t been as prolific as usual over this period, but I’ve taken advantage of the relief today and knocked out a couple of free mandala patterns. As usual, click…

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Three Little Drawings ?>

Three Little Drawings

Hi everyone! Things on the drawing front have slowed down a bit here over the holiday season – we’ve been out gallivanting with friends and generally doing activities that didn’t leave much time for pen and paper. Here’s three I’ve worked on over the past week or so. Hope everyone’s had a lovely time! <3 As usual, click the images to download the full size versions for printing.

Mandala and Scarab ?>

Mandala and Scarab

Here are the two illustrations I’ve hand-drawn recently. The scarab is obviously highly influenced by Egyptian symbolism – I think I need to delve into Egyptian stuff more, they have some cool things I can appropriate for doodling 😀 As usual, click the images to download the full size versions. While you’re here, have a peek at the illustrated journals I have for sale – these are unique notebooks that I’ve had made by a local book binder who does everything by…

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Two little doodles ?>

Two little doodles

Messdoodle, so-called because I was fighting off a headache while drawing it and wasn’t really fully concentrating; And a scorpion, though I don’t know why because I don’t particularly like scorpions!! As usual, click the images for the full size downloads. Also, check my Etsy page for new goodies – I’ve added a decently sized (20cm square) mandala-butterfly vinyl sticker that’s fully colourable with permanent markers, so you can colour it in and then stick it somewhere awesome! If you’ve…

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