It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my website – hello new subscribers! <3

Here’s today’s free colouring page download;

(Click the image to open it on Deviant Art, look for the ‘Download’ link on the right-hand side, and when the large image opens, right-click and save.)

I’ve made a few small changes to my site. The ‘free mandala colouring pages’ tab now links directly to my colouring page gallery on Deviant Art which contains ALL of my free pages, not just the mandalas. The ‘Digital Colouring Packs For Sale’ tab now also pulls directly from my Etsy shop, displaying all of my paid digital download pages in neat little boxes.

Pursuing art as a source of income as well as a hobby is starting to become more feasible. I’ve been picked up by the wonderful and through them I have some exciting projects in the works with several companies – soon you’ll be seeing my name and my art out there in some very cool ways 😀

I also have a super awesome new colouring book in the works, and through an actual publisher this time as opposed to self-publishing!  It’ll be a book exclusively full of my work, and it’s being done by a large American publishing house – hopefully in a week or two I can start sharing more details of that, as well as some sneak previews of the art that’s going into it.

In another project a little closer to home, I recently found out through a friend about a not-for-profit organisation back in Wales called Heads Above The Waves, that raises awareness of self-harm in young adults and provides ‘creative and positive ways of dealing with the bad days’. I had a look at their Facebook page and loved their aesthetic, and of course the work they’re doing – and contacted them to see if I could donate an original illustration for them to use. They were very enthusiastic about working with me! I’ll be designing a special colouring page for them to add to their collection of coping strategy resources, and also doing a little interview with them about the benefits of colouring as a relaxation technique. Watch this space! 😀

So, all in all, I’m keeping busy! I also work on my own little original artworks the old fashioned way with pen on paper, and have been selling those off to some lovely buyers who are giving them new homes. If you’d like to see my works-in-progress and get first dibs on buying completed original pieces before I list them on Etsy, you can follow me on Facebook at, and on Instagram at

You can find the original art I currently have available on my Etsy shop at The Crochety Pixie (and see below).

Thanks for your support, everyone! Happy colouring <3

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