I’m opening commissions for custom digital mandalas. The mandalas I’ll be drawing for this will follow a specific format; they’ll be black and white line art and will include a symbol of your choice as the centerpiece. For this symbol, you can choose anything you’re fond of – in the example below I’ve shown a cat and a butterfly, but you can choose anything that can be represented in line art small enough to fit inside the center of a mandala; letters, flora/fauna, actual symbology (like astrology symbols), etc. If you’re not sure that your desired centerpiece will work, you can leave a comment below to ask 🙂

I offer two sizes of custom mandala – Large for $10 USD, and Small for $5 USD. See below for examples. You’ll be provided with a high-res (10,000 x 10,000 px @ 300DPI, which is around 33×33 inches) PNG and a print-ready PDF of the image, sent to you by email. Both small and large mandalas will be emailed to you at the same resolution – the difference between them is the amount of detail in the finished mandala.


The mandalas are provided for personal use. There is NO commercial license attached, so you are forbidden for using the images provided to make money or in association with anything that will make money (e.g. on business cards or promotional material). You can otherwise use your mandala however you like – for example, you can get it printed and framed.






Use the button below to place your order. You *should* be able to attach a node to your order; use this to tell me what you’d like as a centerpiece for your mandala. If you don’t see anywhere to add a note, you can email me ([email protected]) with your details, or leave a note / send a message on my Facebook Page. If your email address is different to your PayPal email address, let me know what that is, too. 🙂

Choose your size;