I have, creatively, called this one ‘Big Mandala’. :p


It’s uh… well, it’s big. I’ll be returning to A4 (aka ‘normal printer paper’) size for the next few. 🙂 As usual, click the image to download the full-size file for printing. If you aren’t able to print this one on paper bigger than A4, you could just print it full size on A4 – it’ll be cut off but should still make a fun colouring page!

In other news, I have some new vinyl decals available on Etsy!


This one is the perfect size for adding a little flourish to the corner of a window or mirror, but the vinyl is durable enough that it can be applied to any relatively smooth surface. It’s also fully colourable with permanent markers like Sharpies, Copics, etc. 🙂 Click the image to go through to my Etsy shop.

Happy Tuesday, all! <3