Most of my stuff recently has been pretty complex, so here’s something that’s hopefully a bit less intimidating to colour. 🙂

Krita Circles Mandala 10

(Click the image to go to Deviant Art where you’ll see a ‘Download’ link on the right for the full size image)

I’d also like to give a huge thanks to Adult Coloring World for featuring me on their site – – and for the warm welcome to their Facebook group! <3

And lastly, I’ve uploaded some of my designs to my Society6 page – . You can now get a selection of my coloured doodles on cushions and t-shirts and duvet covers and shower curtains and all manner of other funky things. Look how cool they look!

23721034_12268175-duvetqueen_pm 23721911_12679885-plwfr2_pm 23722638_9396375-sknmba11_pm 23727019_3944883-bagtote16_pm

Anyway – happy coloring, everyone! ^.^