Last night I was laying in bed thinking, ‘I wonder if it’s possible to draw circles by defining the center point and edge point in Photoshop or Lightroom instead of dragging from edge to edge’ (as you do when trying to get to sleep…), because when I hand-draw my mandalas I use a lot of circles drawn with a compass, and hadn’t figured out a way to do something similar in Krita (the program I’ve been using) yet – in Krita I draw using one of several mirroring modes that work around a fixed central point, and any circles I made would need to share the exact same central point – thus making it necessary to define the center point of the circle.

This morning, Google had all the answers – it IS possible to do exactly that in Krita, yay! So here you go – my first digital mandala that features pretty concentric circles. 🙂

Krita Circles Mandala 2

(Click the image to go to Deviant Art where you’ll see a ‘Download’ link on the right for the full size image)

It’s not quite perfect (you can see some of the patterns don’t quite match up to the line of the circle, mostly in the bottom half of the image) but it’s a start. 🙂