Discovering yesterday has turned me into a mandala-making machine. I knocked out eleven¬†through yesterday afternoon to evening, they were all very fun to make and I’m loving the program. I’ll still be drawing things on paper the ‘traditional’ way, don’t worry!

What I’d like some feedback on from you lovely colourists is whether or not these ‘work’ as colouring patterns. The line weights are a bit different to my usual drawings. So – do these look like they’d be fun to colour in, and if you DO print one to colour it, how was the colouring experience?

You can find them all here to download:¬† . Just click on the thumbnail of the image you want to open and there’ll be a ‘download’ button on the right-hand side.

Butterfly Mandala Flower KritaMandala3 KritaMandala4 KritaMandala5 KritaMandala6 KritaMandala7 kritamirror KritaSnowflake Mandala Mandala2